Cheap Dental Implant in Izmir, Turkey

The first thing that comes to mind about “cheap treatment” is the low quality. Recognizing that there are few exceptions; it is a false belief that cheap service is poor quality. There are various reasons why dental treatment prices are cheap in Turkey. High competition is at the beginning of these reasons. The rapidly growing Dental Tourism Sector is a field where many dental clinicians and dentists compete. Therefore, this competition also reduces treatment prices.

Another factor that lowers treatment prices is the proliferation of implant brands. Ten years ago, when the number of dental implant manufacturers was low and implant technology was just emerging, implant prices were naturally very high. But today, the rapid development of technology and making it more easily accessible has allowed many producers to enter the market and produce quality to lower costs. Since the competition for implant production has also begun, access to quality and cheap implants has been achieved.

All of these developments allow us to offer the best quality dental care to our patients at very cheap prices. As Izmir Cadde Dental Clinic, we offer very affordable prices not only for only dental implants, but also for prosthetic and cosmetic dentistry treatments. We also guarantee the aesthetic and durability of the dentures, bridges and crowns that we have prepared in our own dental lab in a very fast manner and by using the best quality materials.

We can send you an approximate treatment plan with your panoramic x-ray. You can see the cheapness of our prices with your own eyes.