Cosmetic Dentistry

Cosmetic Dentistry

Natural looking and properly aligned teeth, a harmonious smile, is one of the most important elements of facial aesthetics. A beautiful smile, besides being good looking, also allows you to feel good, affects your gaze positively and enhances self-confidence in social life. “Positive first impression” is one of the basic conditions of creating.

In recent years, thanks to the advancing 3D digital technology and aesthetic dentistry practices, it’s now easier to have smooth, white teeth …

Many of the applications of aesthetic dentistry, such as porcelain fillings, curtain coatings and laminates, are now made more clinically, single-seam and patient-friendly thanks to newly developed computer-aided design and computer aided manufacturing technology (CAD CAM). In the classical treatment methods, the steps such as taking measurements, laboratory, rehearsal, and temporary tooth have been removed. The measurement process is easily done thanks to the 3D mouth camera. The image obtained with this camera is projected on the screen in 3D and the process to be performed is virtually designed on the screen. This design is then sent to a turning device and is produced from ceramic blocks in the natural tooth color. The patient may wish to follow this production stage with his doctor in about 10 minutes. Since all stages of treatment are done under computer control, there are no problems that can arise from human error.

By designing your laugh with computer support, your dentist can provide you with healthy, natural looking teeth and increase your quality of life on this.

A number of contemporary practices are performed in our clinic for the beauty of your smile and the restructuring of your expectations in the direction of your expectations.

Prostheses without metal support

Zirconium / Procera / Empress without the metal infrastructure such as aesthetic porcelain applications can offer you the closest and aesthetic options. However, our team always cares about your health. For this reason, some treatments are conservative and very little abrasion from your teeth, and lamina porcelains catch the necessary aesthetic.

Esthetic Filling

All restorative treatments in our clinic use white colored “Aesthetic Fillers”. Gray / silver fillings are not only used in terms of color, but also because of texture incompatibility. All filling materials and auxiliary apparatus used in the clinic are manufactured by 3M Dental.

Teeth whitening

Teeth Whitening can be done for only 1 hour application for our patients who are not satisfied with the color of their teeth. Thanks to the special light and whitening gel we use, the color of your teeth will open and your aesthetic need will be met without any damage to your teeth. Our team of orthodontists and gum disease specialists also contribute to the planning when our team finds the appropriate laughter to be found.

Smile Design

In general, the smile design begins with the question “Is there something in your smile that you do not like?” Your doctor’s plan of treatment of your preferences forms the diagnosis of problems related to your oral health.

In laughing design; During the meeting and speaking session, the patient gives information about the problems and expectations in a comfortable and calm environment. The expectancy of the patient is important because the expectation of the surreal disappoints the patient. The patient is evaluated especially by talking about tooth-jaw-face relationships. In this appointment, photos of the mouth, the outside and the face are taken. Lips closed and smile photos taken in a comfortable position. Upper and lower jaw models are obtained. Color of teeth and detailed dental x-rays are taken.