Dental Implants in Turkey

Dental Implants in Turkey

Turkey has a growing reputation all over the world for dentistry. All treatment services related to oral and dental health are given, especially to Europe, such as France, Belgium, Holland, Germany and England, USA and some Arab countries, including diseases, implants and aesthetic dentistry applications in Turkey.

There are many reasons to prefer Turkey for oral and dental treatment services. Here are a few reasons why:

  • Surgical and clinical treatment fees for oral and dental health services in Turkey are very low compared to Europe and America.
  • Our country has gained significant momentum internationally in the field of health. Thanks to health investments, the number of private health institutions has increased and facilities have been operational in the capacity to serve abroad. The latest technological products and newest methods are used in the country regarding dental health services.
  • All the diagnosis, diagnosis, examinations and treatments related to oral and dental health can be done under one roof in the centers which are specialized in oral and dental health services in our country, fully equipped centers.
  • Another important factor that our country is preferred about health tourism is glaucoma treatment, patient-oriented health care and communication approach giving priority to patient satisfaction.
  • The fact that our country is a tourism paradise with its historical, natural beauties, plant quality, four seasons and different beauty places makes health tourism attractive.

Come to Turkey for your dental treatments. You can both explore and heal.


In your own country, you will spend your dental treatment on one of the four wages, you can get your round-trip plane ticket on the remaining budget, and you can cover your accommodation and food and beverage expenses.

In addition to the foreign patients who come to our country for dental treatment, expatriate citizens who come to the country for their permission prefer to have dental treatments in Turkey, especially during the summer months and during the leave periods.

Our patients who come to our center from abroad for dental treatment can communicate with us about their treatment and estimated / approximate wage. Our patients can e-mail us with panoramic radiographs and / or reports. Our specialist dentists can review these X-rays to provide you with comprehensive information on the type of treatment to be applied to you, the estimated duration of treatment and the budget.