Dental Tourism

Overseas travels for medical purposes called “Health Tourism“. From natural sources, medical services, tourist facilities; meeting health and rest needs; You can find all of the services to protect, heal and treat your health under the health tourism framework. Health tourism also aims to offer medical options to relieve patients and families of illnesses.

Health tourism; For any reason other than a country to go to the treatment only to go to the hospital outside the round-trip and during the stay should be considered within the scope of tourism events. It is in the health care field that our patients suffering from dental problems are treated in the most comfortable environment, taking care from comfortable and professional doctors, and free time changing activities during the treatment period. In the last years, there have been very serious breakthroughs in the private health sector in our country, and private hospitals have started to increase in competition with European standards. they will be evaluating their leisure time in the best way possible.

In Europe, there is also a need for healthcare providers, which are cheaper for the insured, but do not compromise on quality, for all insurance coverage, as well as out-of-scope services. After all, you are called to get cheap health care from abroad. Kayseri’s prominent position in the industry sector and its presence in the country has opened the way for the service sector. In recent years, hospitals and branch centers with the potential to compete with world standards have been opened. Patients do not need to go to İstanbul, Ankara or abroad for heart surgery, eye laser treatment or dental implant treatment. We also think like Oral and Dental Center. First of all we are looking for ways to deal with insurance companies in countries where our expatriates such as Germany, Holland, Denmark, Belgium are concentrated. Investigate the dental costs there and prepare treatment and holiday packages at a more affordable cost to compete with them. We believe that we offer aesthetic prosthesis applications in Implant treatment at our headquarters, jaw surgery operations, canal treatment and fillings, without giving concession to the best prices with our experienced team.

It is the main therapy in health tourism. The resort has agreed on the holidays. The treatment process Throughout the ‘We can make our patients relax and spend their free time. We want to be a priority for our patients. We want to have a panoramic X-RAY dental clinic in your teeth clinic. According to this picture, dental treatments are evaluated by our doctors both as cost and duration. Our illnesses can be brought to our hospital for preliminary examination if necessary by taking our airports according to our guides.