Dental Tourism in Izmir

Dental Tourism in Izmir

Dental Tourism responds to the dental treatment needs of the patients’ which are excluding by their health insurances. Therefore, the first and most important criterion is competitive prices. In the rapidly developing sector, last decade, only the competitive price does not affect the preferences of the patients. Patients also demand high quality and safe treatment services, facilities related to accommodation and transportation, and even touristic attractions. At first glance, this may appear to have come out from the “health” framework. But when we say, “Health Tourism”, we believe that there should be touristic activities besides health service which is the first plan.

As we mentioned in our previous article; Turkey is at the forefront with its high-quality treatment services, skilled and experienced doctors and internationally accredited health institutions. This is the health-related part of the job. When we look at the part about tourism, we can see that Izmir is in front of Turkey.

Izmir is on a geographical area where you can get to both the magnificent beaches and the historical sites in one-hour distance from the city center, sited at the coast of Aegean Sea where there are famous blue-flagged beaches on this coast. The summers have a mild climate where the temperature is around 35-40°C and you can enjoy the sun even in winter. Most of our patients prefer to come in the summer months, combining their treatments with a joyful vacancy. In the winter months, the patients evaluate their remaining time from the treatment process, through daily cultural visits. The most preferred destination for cultural excursions is the Virgin Mary’s House, located in the Selçuk district of Izmir.

Izmir is also a city that can be reached within 2-3 hours by direct flights from one of the most important centers of Europe. You can get transport without losing time in city traffic. In terms of accommodation, we have a wide selection of hostels ranging from hostels to internationally known five-star hotels. In terms of eating and drinking,  Aegean Cuisine, which is the most important representative of the Mediterranean Cuisine, has appetites with fish, olive oil dishes and of course delicious red meat menus.

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