Dental Tourism

Dental Tourism

Today, many people seek treatment abroad to solve their health problems. In general, we see two main reasons for this search. First; to get treatment services at a cheaper price which are very high priced in their countries. The second reason is finding a treatment that is not provided in their own country. In both cases, the criteria that affect the selection of patients are roughly the same: high quality, reliable and inexpensive treatment. The creation of such a demand led to a spontaneous new market: “Health Tourism”. It is a market that is developing rapidly in a very short time and therefore competition is at a higher level.

Let’s talk about Dental Tourism, which is a branch of this market. Countries like France, Germany, England, USA have very high dental treatment fees. In addition, procedures such as implant treatments, zirconium plating, etc., which are included in “aesthetic dental treatment” by the state, are not covered by the health insurance of the patients. This leads the patients to countries where these treatments are cheaper.

Many European patients prefers to get their dental treatments in Turkey. One of the reasons why patients choose Turkey is that they can find high quality treatment services even below half of European prices. In Turkey, dental outpatient clinics generally use state-of-the-art equipment. In addition, Turkish dentists are also closely monitoring all developments in their fields. Therefore, Turkish dentists who are very experienced and have good technical skills, working with state-of-the-art instruments and devices, keeping the standards of treatment quality at the highest level.

Because of the high quality level and very low prices, Turkey is the preferred destination for dental treatments.

Quality and affordability that patients seek first. But in Turkey, dental clinics offer some extra services to their international patients. Some clinics offer free accommodation, daily sightseeing tours, free transfers.

Especially in these issues Izmir is on the foreground. Izmir is Turkey’s third biggest city. There are both beaches and historical sites 1 hour away from the city center. People can find everything they are looking for. A wide range of accommodation and transport facilities. Izmir also maintains its place in the top 10 in the “Europe’s most livable cities” list every year.