Dental Treatments Abroad

In our dental implant center, all treatments are applied within the scope of Implant Surgery, Prosthetics, Orthodontics, Cosmetic Dentistry, Pedodontics, Laser Treatment Methods, Gum Diseases Treatments. The treatment expectancies of our overseas patients are usually; Implant, Prosthetics, Orthodontics, Aesthetic Smile Design, Gingival Disturbances and Whitening Treatments. All treatments we make are covered by our warranty and we provide a lifetime guarantee for implant treatment.

The fact that our country has been offering high quality health care services in recent years, has more economic treatment fees than many countries, and has been following health technology more closely than European countries, is the primary reason for the selection of Turkey by foreign patients.

Of course, affordable treatment fees are not the only reason of patients who prefer Turkey for their dental treatments. It is very effective that the technologies used in our country are new because of the quality of service, time to care for the patients and their relevance to the European countries and health investments are young. Most of our guests coming from abroad for treatment; implant treatments, known as tooth screwing, for zirconium and porcelain crown bridge treatments. For everyone esthetic and healthy laughter is very important, tooth whitening and laughing designs are the most preferred application of the patients. The developments in porcelain tooth making make it easy to reach painless, healthy and aesthetic teeth that can not be distinguished from the truth. Thanks to the reinforced materials called zirconium, which formerly contained metals embedded in porcelain teeth, teeth can now be made in a completely natural tooth image provided by light permeability. Another advantage of porcelain teeth without metal support is that they can be adapted immediately to the teeth when the patient is wearing them because they are very light. Aesthetic applications such as implant, porcelain tooth preparation, tooth whitening can be done in as short as a week.