Oh, my breath smells!

If you are not missing mouth spray, mint candy or gum from your bag, and people are a bit distant from talking to you, even if kissing is a problem for you, it is a great benefit to go to a dentist immediately. Oral odor is a very serious problem and can be the sign of many illnesses.

Why does my mouth smell?

Sulfur compounds, which are residues of bacteria living in the mouth cavity, cause bad odor. Dead and dying bacteria release sulfur compounds. Bacteria layers and food debris accumulate on the back of the tongue. The surface of the tongue is very rough and has a convenient property for the life of the bacteria. Large amounts of sulfur compounds also accumulate in these areas. If the surface of the tooth is not cleaned, the bacteria will be available for a short time.

What are the main reasons for in-mouth-induced puffiness?

  1. Fragrant foods (such as garlic, onions)
  2. Tooth decay
  3. Periodontal (gingival and peripheral bone tissue) diseases
  4. Tobacco use
  5. Inadequate oral hygiene (poor care)

Sinus-related causes

Common inflammation in the spaces in the facial bones called sinusitis leads to the swelling of a kind of current in yellow-green and thick consistency. The inflammatory formation of this nasal discharge gives the patient an unpleasant smell to his breath.


Tooth and gum diseases

Tooth and gum disease can also cause bad breath. Food residues that accumulate in the periodontal pockets formed around the teeth due to gingivitis and cannot be cleaned cause fermented mouth odor over time.

Diseases of the stomach and intestinal system

Diseases of the stomach and intestines can also cause bad breath. This illness, known as ‘reflux’, is a condition in which the acid content of the esophagus rises upwards from the dining hall, especially the back wall of the illegally produced throat, the entrance of the vocal tract and irritation of the throat.

Fungal infections in the tongue root

In some cases, the fungus infections in the root of the tongue also cause a bad breath.

What should I do to prevent bad breath?

If you are complaining about bad breath, you should go first on this topic because it is possible to get rid of this problem completely with a simple intervention. If you intervene in your mouth and teeth, you will still need to investigate other causes of complaints from your mouth. First you should be seen to a dentist. First you will have a full mouth examination. Advanced gum disease and / or dental caries should be treated. Mouth infections should be removed, problematic teeth should be withdrawn. Good oral hygiene should be taken care of. All faces of the teeth and the tongue should be kept clean. Garnels and dentures may also help after oral infections are treated.

What can be the natural solutions to the odor?

After each meal you are definitely doing toothbrushing, but we will have natural suggestions for you

  • Chewing carnation
  • Drinking 2 liters of water a day
  • Tongue cleaning after each toothbrush
  • Cleansing teeth with dental floss
  • Do not drink too much tea or coffee
  • Avoid spicy and spicy foods
  • Stay away from smoking
  • Not chewing sugar gum