Step by step dental implant treatment

Step by step dental implant treatment

Implants used to seal areas in tooth loss are methods of treatment that are used to replace teeth that are missing in one or more teeth missing, without the need to perform any procedure on adjacent teeth. Moreover, they enable fixed dental solutions in the case of multiple tooth deficiencies!
After tooth loss, these vials are made from titanium, which is called implant for the completion of these regions. After these screws are inserted into the jawbone of the person, it is necessary to wait a while before the screws are welded to the jawbone. After this boiling process is over, porcelain teeth are made and the missing functions of the teeth are regained.
Here is the implant process:

Implant Placement

It takes approximately 5-10 minutes to place the implant in the healed bone to replace the patient’s withdrawn tooth. It is painless for the patient and does not cause any major problems during recovery. In fact, tooth extraction is a more difficult method than the implant method.
After placing the implant in place of the tooth, the patient should protect the area for about 1 week. After 1 week, the sutures in the area are removed and the patient can resume normal life.

Implant Jaw Bonding Process

It takes about 2-4 months to fully connect the implants to the jawbone following the placement procedure.

Dental Design

After the attachment process of the implants to the jawbone, the teeth are passed to the construction stage.

Prosthetic Progress

After the waiting period has been completed and the implant is considered to have spread to the bone, it is passed to the prosthesis stage. In the denture phase, an implant-based denture job is 1 week or 1.5 weeks long.

Healthy Smiles

You have new teeth with the closest natural structure to your real teeth! We wish healthy laughs!