The first implant (screw tooth) examination

The first implant (screw tooth) examination

First examination, diagnosis, treatment planning and treatment preparation.

Essentially implant (screw tooth) application the first step of implant treatment as it is most important part. In the first examination performed by an expert dentist and assistant staff,

-General health information is detected, your medical history is taken and it is investigated whether it is a matter related to your general health situation

– X-rays (panoramic x-ray, periapical x-ray, dental tomography if necessary) are taken for diagnosis and treatment purposes.

– Whether you have “bad” habits that concern the implant, ie screwed dental treatment, such as smoking habit, night tooth clenching / grinding habit (bruxism), tooth brushing habit.

– With the help of all this information and x-rays, the specialist will perform detailed oral examinations, and the bone thickness, length and quality of the region with missing teeth will be determined.

– Artificial fingernail or other name of the area where the thread of the screw will be made of soft tissue and gingiva status is looked at,

– Check your general oral examination and oral hygiene (if your oral hygiene is bad, you should definitely do gum treatment, tartar cleaning and oral hygiene before implant treatment)

-After examination of the implant (screw tooth) region, the specialist will plan implant treatment (ie, clarify the diameter of the implant-toothed tooth diameter, whether soft tissue or hard tissue-related secondary operation is required before the implant)

-The specialist patient informs the patient in detail about the duration of the treatment, the steps and the wage, informs the patient about the complications and risks from the beginning and if this information decides on the person to implant, the necessary preparations are made to pass the implant, screw dental surgeon, an appointment is made.

– After the planning phase, the physician can direct all your questions. It would be helpful to note your questions in the beginning of the examination before you jump. Ask all the questions that you have in mind without any hesitation. Challenge it before you get bored at the points you do not understand. Do not make a decision on your plan without knowing it and convincing it.